Wednesday, December 31, 2008



I may not wish much other than joy and happiness..

Not yet at the peak but I'm reaching. This is the year for my career!

Hoping will complete my Masters and that's it for now.

For the hardship and tough journey that we've been through, I realized rewarding myself and him is less important than respect and honor others thought.

For those who come and go they deceptive because the real one they stay.

A new year brings renewed hope and goals, especially when it comes to finances so a comprehensive personal financial planning should be implemented!

  • Don't cut hair
  • Be more patient
  • Talk less
  • Keep fit

Monday, December 29, 2008

Makeup Tips: Pink

Makeup entry lagi.. La la la la
I got mayself a new makeup bag! Yeay.... (semangat 2009)

Kali ni senang je, guna satu color eyeshadow - Soft pink
Blusher - Pink
(Ala-ala BCL la konon)

Sesuai dipakai di mana saja!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Makeup Tips: Soft socket

Ada kawan yang minta tunjuk makeup style menggunakan color yang pastel atau soft color so kat sini saya share 2 eye makeup style:

a) Soft socket + Darker shade at socket line

b) Soft socket + Black shadow at eye corner

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hari Kuiz Sedunia!

Boring. Tak tau nak buat apa. Tapi tau nak buat kuiz!
It's going to be lenghty. Sebab??
'Biasa la Prof, copy-paste.'

Quiz: Are You Emo?
You may not cry all the time, or insist on black nail polish, but you still aren't fooling anyone. Even if you try to keep your emo tendencies under control, your studded belt buckle is still showing, and we're pretty sure we saw you doodling black hearts the other day.
Go ahead and deny it all you want, but it's pretty obvious. You have a heart and a sensitive side, and you put them both to good use. Maybe you don't look on the bright side quite often enough, though. Try to embrace the good things in life a little more — you'll see that the glass is actually half full!
Comment: Ala.. biasa la PMS

Quiz: Are You a Fashion Victim?
Know How To Turn Heads
Forget being dressed to the nines — you'd rather be a perfect 10. It's certain that your former self was a 40s big screen star, donning evening gowns and jewels (and maybe a beautiful guy or two). But your closet isn't the only thing you rock; it's just part of your put-together, high-class lifestyle. And with your instincts, you don't need to rely on the last issue of Vogue or the latest Hollywood trends. For you, looking fab is natural.
Even when you're spotted wearing sweats, they still manage to scream fashionista. You don't see it as sacrificing comfort for style because, for you, being elegant is the only way to be. All eyes are on you, so throw those shoulders back, strike a pose, and smile...
Comment: Kalo yang bersederhana tu, memang aku la tu.. =)

Quiz: The Brain Test
Most left-brained people like you feel at ease in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and linear, analytical ability. Whether you know it or not, you are a much stronger written communicator than many, able to get your ideas across better than others.
It's also likely that you are methodical and efficient at many things that you do. You could also be good at math, particularly algebra, which is based on very strict rules that make sense to your logical mind.
Comment: No comment janji ada otak

Quiz: The Classic IQ Test
Precision Processor
Your IQ Score is: 124

You've got a very experiential way of learning and a strong mathematical mind. You're able to whittle even the most complex situation down to comprehensible component parts. In short, you have mastered the art and science of precision. That's what makes you a Precision Processor.
For you, life is a series of equations. Your brain is naturally predisposed to intense mathematical acuity, and your understanding of numerical problems is unparalleled. It's second nature for you to cut to the heart of an issue, so that you can discover quick solutions to problems while others get bogged down in unnecessary details. One Precision Processor that comes to mind is the Greek philosopher-mathematician, Pythagoras. Pythagoras had a mind for numbers and, as such, could come up with previously unknown theories like his method for calculating the sides of a right triangle (a2+b2=c2). You too, can use numbers to translate aspects of the world around you — something that doesn't come easily to everyone. Your quick mathematical mind will allow you to communicate a variety of ideas to other people, so don't keep it to yourself.
Precision Processors can apply their mathematical skills to any situation involving numbers. That's a talent that will come in handy for everything from the workplace to splitting a bill 12 ways to converting foreign currency in your head. Others often look to you to do the math and luckily, you're well equipped.
Comment: Ok la tu, aku bukan study pon sebelum test hik hik

Quiz: Are You Bewitching?
Whether you know a lot about some things or just about everything, you're a sharp and savvy soul who's got great common sense. And you don't need to be a genius to know that brains are sexy.
A smart cookie like you has a lot going on upstairs. You can hold your own at cocktail parties, meetings, and water-cooler chats alike. While some use their abs and gluts to turn heads, one flex of your mental muscle and hearts melt. Your good looks and sweet soul don't hurt either. Now that's smart!
Comment: Ha ko cakap smart tu, dah ok la tu

Bersempena ramai lelaki curang, so aku amek test ni saje nak try test sama ada aku ni penyebab lelaki curang atau tidak.. Ha silakan..
Quiz: Are You More Angelina or Jennifer?
87% Jennifer
That homewrecker's got nothing on a sweet and down-to-earth hottie like you. Way to keep it real!

Quiz: The Beauty Pageant Test
Miss Charisma
You've got a winning smile and magnetic personality that people are just drawn to. You're probably known for setting trends and tend to be the one that friends call to find out what the plans are for the night.
The judges couldn't help but notice your natural poise and polish — you definitely know how to attract attention whether you're making a speech or just taking the stage in the ultimate outfit. It's wonderful that you exude so much charm and confidence — that's sure to take you far. You're a bright star, Miss Charisma. Keep on shining.
Comment: Ok la dari tak menang apa-apa

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mode : Holiday

*Baca dlm slang N9

Dari pagi tadi raso maleh na nak poie kojo. yolah sehari ni yo kojo, kamih dah jemaat kojo pulak, nak balik kg pun tak sompek. Ni kojap laie ni omak den call la ni, nanyo 'an balik kampung ko tak, den MC pun dio tanyo den nak balik kg ko tak. Punyo la semangat kalau anak2 'eh nak balik. Kang kot jawab tak balik, dio baleh balik 'mama ado yo kek umah, takdo poie mano' ha yolah ese siap sekarang! ha.. ni nak cito pasal omak ko cuti? osah la haii ekau ni, tak baco tajuk ko?
hah kek mano tadi? ha.. baru teringat, itula.. dah lopeh lunch (wuyoo speaking) laie la borek yo mato.. nak lolap kojap, bos ado plak dopan ni ha. kot dio pi meeting tadi maun den take a nap kojap. yolah dah hujung2 tahun ni, semangat pun tinggal kek hujung2 yolah. nak yo save sikit tuk taun dopan. takleh nak habih 'an sumo taun ni do. kot dio tau camni aa la roman eh, baik dio boghi cuti free. orang pi opis pun bukan kojo bona, sibuk update blog. baik bagi cuti bia diorang update kek umah, laie sonang takyah nyorok-nyorok nak update tu do.
tapi ok la, dapek yo cuti sehari duo. sok-sok dah start blaja pulak. umak aihh laie maleh tu. uii jangan pikir, jangan pikir lambek laie.
dulu time sekolah, nak dokek-dokek cuti tu memang semangat habih. bukan la pasal cuti tu pon sebona eh tapi kot dah dokek cuti tu, kelas banyak la dah habih, cikgu tak masuk. ha time tu la main galah panjang la.. main baling selipar la - alamak, sory Ain aritu den nak baling selipar kek Mazliana tapi terkono kepalo kau.Tapi apolak Hanisah lak mengamuk nih? Hehe kenangan tu. Uii paling best la kek TKS dulu. Mmg den la yg paling gilo dulu tapi kawan2 den yang tak berapo atau bolom gilo laie tu totap la teghimo den seado 'eh. timo kasih kawan2.
Tibo-tibo ceghito sekolah pulak.. tapi syok gak ni
Ado macam2 permainan laie den main time sekolah dulu, iyolah time kawan ghamai.. kot nak main galah panjang, main ngan budak India, konpem den group ngan budak India diorang ni teror woo. Bilo time group kitaorang jago tu, sekali diorang angkek tangan sure laie satu group kalah. Main selipa tigo ngan budak senior, dapek yang badan bosa susah nak laghi tu, sonang sikit koja. Agak-agak dah ponek, balik kelas main gosip-gosip plak ng kawan2 tercinta.artis dalam negara, ramai tau bese la kan.. kot nak hollywood, aesha ado..shima pun boleh jadi Ryan Seacrest.cito bollywood pun ado penyampai beghito eh, Thavamalar.
Dah hilang ponek sikit, berjalan balik. Ala jalan dokek-dokek yo, poie tandas.. tak pun poie lybrary sobab ado aircond. kot lapa, nak makan cikidis (cmni ke eja oii?), haus nak minum air poie Koop. Cikgu Rohaya akan sentiasa ado dok kek situ dengan dahi berkorut. Ntah apo di risau eh gek eh, padahal yang kono tunduk jopun kot tak siap kojo kami ni haa..bukan cikgu. Tapi Cikgu Rohaya mmg best! Disobab an dahi cikgu yang goma berkorut tu la ese dapek ingat sumo formula waktu PMR.
Kot dah tak tau nak buek apo laie tp lom kul 1 laie, balek lek klas. Takpun poie kelas sebolah..kacau budak. Ado plak satu group budak India ni teror nyanyi lagu Raihan, sajo la nak join sekaki. Marah plak deh, dibawak eh penyapu datang kelas. Osah la kodokut mek ko ni, kot luak den nyanyi bahagian korus yo. Ey diorang tu memang nakal sikit; p
itula, seronok time sekolah dulu. takdo apo nak pikir.
bangun tido-poie sekolah-(kot rajin) belaja-(kot maleh) main-balik-makan-berangan (kalau ayah lalu buek2 macambuek homework)-main-buek2 baco buku-tido
dulu ingat 'an, kot dah bosa.. dah kojo.. dah pakai handbag ng gincu bes bona la. kadang2 bes la, tp kot time tak best tu... alahai.. sonak porot! porot tu ekau tau ko apo?
tergolak-golak.. porot tu belly..stomach pun boleh yo.
ha itula ceghito eh, takdo pasal holiday pun.. ok lain kali sambung laie.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When blogging is all about tagging

Tagged by Zura

1. Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?
Benda? handphone

2. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri?
Benda lagi, apa benda soalan ni hehe.. Tak ingatla, petang semalam beli makanan bukan benda.

3. Di manakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu?
Dewan, senang orang nak datang.

4. Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan kamu berkekalan?
‘Til death do us apart

5. Adakah anda dilamun cinta?

6. Di manakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam?
Restoran Paling Sedap Pelangi Damansara = umah saya

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
Buku bukan majalah ek. Tentang Dhiya - Syud

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu?
Nak sama macam dalam IC ke.. Nurhidayah Binti Bahar

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
Diaorang confirm senang dengan saya hikhik

10. Namakan seseorang yang kamu ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup anda?
Jessica Alba

11.Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu?
Beberapa kawan di TKS – they know that they are true friends
Beberapa kawan di Kustem – tak semua yang kita kenal itu ialah sahabat
*jangan jadikan jawapan saya ini kontroversi ok =)

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian anda sendiri?
Tak, washer-machine yang basuhkan..

13. Tempat yang paling seronok kamu mahu pegi?
Tempat-tempat yang saya pergi dengan Ami.

14. Pelukan atau ciuman?
Ey tak baik tau ;p

15. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu
Girlfriend Nol, cikgu, ada keta MyVi, sama sekolah menengah and University, a good listener, baik hati – terlebih sudahhh..

16. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai
Ey mengada la soalan ni, dah la banyak..contoh pun nak banyak2
Perkara kan bukan orang kan.. makeup, makan, jalan-jalan, bersukan, berehat, masak, kemas umah, tido

17. 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan
Ey geram nye soalan poyo macam ni
Babe, ek, owh, ye ke, gel, right, ami, yg, ey

18. 8 buah buku yang paling terbaru dibaca.
Ni soalan aku paling suka sekali, buku pun aku tak baca ko mintak sampai 8
Kebun Mimpi (promote! Promote!) One the authors - Syud

19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali.
Ko memang suka lapan ek..
So what, Run the show, and lagu2 lama la aku tak ingat tajuk dia. Ko google la sendiri

20. 8 perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu
He’s the one.
Satu sudah..

21. Mari men'tag' 8 orang lain.
Tak nak la tag2 ni, bagi can orang nak buat entry lain selain tag ni hehe (sebena aku dah takde sape nak di tag huhu)

p/s1 banyak gel soalan ni

p/s2 syud saya dah buat dah tag awak tu tapi tak upload. tapi dah tak valid sebab org yg saya nak tag dah tag saya dulu huhuhu
lain kali awak tag yang lain pulak ok, penat la dah amek gamba dah sekali dah tak valid

p/s3 zuwa aku buat satu la dulu berpoloh ketiak jawab soalan ni haaa..

Final semester

Yippie, it's final semester!
Regardless online registration yang selow, staff i***s yg menyakitkan hati, thesis proposal yang tak siap lagi, risau Prof Laila nak bercuti.. aku sangatlah teruja dengan kedatangan sem akhir ni.
Sebab aku tak sabar nak jadi manusia normal seperti berikut:
-ada sabtu dan ahad untuk berehat
-boleh beraktiviti sehingga lewat malam hari jumaat malam
-boleh pergi kenduri kahwin hari sabtu
-boleh balik kampung
-boleh jalan2 hari sabtu, berehat hari ahad
-boleh tido pas balik kerja
-takyah baca buku untuk test
-takyah buat assingment
-takyah tulis journal
Huaa..tak sabar! (tlg sabarkan saye...)

p/s : Ami, terima kasih atas hadiah kasut bersempena kecermelangan saya semester lepas! Kalau tak cemerlang sgt pun bagi la hadiah jugak lagi ok..! =)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Makeup Tips: Play with purple

Light Purple : Estee Lauder
Darker Purple : Elianto
Foundation : M.A.C Studio Tech
Lipstic : M.A.C (Satin Brave)
Loose Powder : Body Shop

1)Sweep the lightest shade over the entire area from the lash line to the brow line
2)Apply light purple to half of your eyelid area from the lower to upper-brow line.
3)Apply the dark purple to another half of your eyelid to the end. You may find a line between the two shades.Blend the line by brushing from the lighter shade to the darker.
4)Apply black eyeshadow at the eye corner in a small V-shape. To reduce the black color, blend the darker purple with the black one.
5)Use a black pencil liner to line the upper and lower lash lines.
6)Apply mascara.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Old Friends

Tadi checked both personal blog and blog for makeup. Ada yang left message kat shoutbox/comment. I visited their blogs in return, suprisingly they are old friends from Kuala Pilah. We knew each other since 1997, more or less 11 years.. hmm kalo ade anak tahun dpn amek UPSR.
Haa cite pasal anak, semuanya dah berkahwin and they have baby! Wah, tahniah! At age 25/26 dah ada anak seorang.
Baca blog masing-masing, they are all excited by having a baby and a complete family. Wow, that's how it feels like.. Bila tengok other links kat blog, pun semuanya dah ada anak. What a community. Meriah sungguh.
It must be both exciting and challenging being a mother and a wife.

Aku tak sabar nak tunggu geng The Menace plak dapat baby. Sapalah yang akan jadi ibu mithali nanti. Sbb ni one way communication aku buat sendiri la carta mother-to-be-tapi-lambat-lagi ni:

Title : Mama Language
Anak2 Chilin nanti mesti semuanya teror Tatabahasa. Sedangkan emak nya sangat teror inikan anak dia kan.
Cikgu BM mesti suka la anak2 Chilin kecuali kalau anak2 die ni sibuk nak tgk jam baru kawan die haaa cikgu BM tak suka tau! Nanti cikgu BM lukis jam tangan kat tangan kamu.

Title : Mama Cool
Pembekal majalah Lime, Galaxie, apa lagi aku tak ingat.. Anak dia ni sure teror English. Silap2 kalau cukup korum dia suruh anak dia buat boy/girl band macam Five, N'sync, Spice Girl.

Title : Mama Senyap
Hmm.. susah nak predict Akmar ni. Dah la lama tak jumpa. Mungkin jugak dia dah becok macam Michele Melodi. Hmmm.. aku anggap anak dia nanti senyap seperti dia la k.

Title : Mama Clumsy
She's funny by herself! Iklan: Tahniah Ain dah bertunang!
Gigi anak Ain mesti cantik sebab mak nya Dr gigi. Maksudnya anak dia boleh skip la rawatan gigi kat sekolah tu, takyah susah2 kecut perut kalau nurse datang bawak kad hijau tu - Ah I hate that part!

Title : Smart Mama
Ini orangnya yang merobah nasib bangsa Melayu dalam kelas aku dulu. Yang aku boleh tilik dalam air ni, anak Ierda sok boleh masuk asrama penuh. Insya-allah dia tak quit ;p

Title : Smiley Mama
Awak ni suka senyum kan? Saya suka awak! Sambil senyum sambil betulkan tudung.
Lama tak jumpa rakan semeja aku ni. Anak Mardhiah ni mesti ceria macam mak dia jugak pastu pandai betulkan tudung.

Title : Rappin' Mama
Oh Ummi, I heard you changed. Ala for the better apa salah nye kan. More feminine sekarang ni =) Anak Ummi mesti suara sedap macam mama dia la. Nanti masuk OIAM ok!

Title : Warmhearted Mama
Anak2 Zura beruntung dapat Zura ni, kalau marah pun tapi macam tak marah je. Baik hati. Saya nak jadi anak angkat kamu boleh *wink*wink*

Title : Hot Mama
Wah ni memang dah dekat ni. Haritu baca kat paper (sian nye kene baca paper baru tau) kate kalau boleh nak anak secepat mungkin. Anak dia mesti vogue jugak la kot. Iklan: You're getting married! Tahniah in advance.

Title : Rock Mama
Dapat mak camni best jugak ni..Sempoi je kan. Ma, give me five ma! Yeah!

Title : ? Mama
Ok air tilik dah kering kena sambung tilik lain kali =)
(harap2 anak aku ikut perangai bapak die - senang sikit nak jage tapi color ikut saya ok? hehe Sory Ami gurau jek)

Uwaaa missing u friends!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Result for Which Superhero are you?

Terpengaruh dengan Syud

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Nak jadi Cicakman isk..isk..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Asyik-asyik kene tagged

1) do you think you're hot?

2) upload your favourite picture of you

3) what do you like that picture
It was my semi-big day.. =)

4) when was the last time u ate pizza?
few months back. Lama dah Ami tak belanje Dominos isk.. isk..

5) the last song u listened to?
So What - Pink

6)what are u doing right now besides this?
Chatting with Syud - i've been forced to do this! ;p

7)what name would u prefer besides yours?
I'm totally fine with my name. Nama xsuka ada la.. nak sebut ke hehe

ppl i tag :

1)Budak Nakal

8) who is no.1
big bro =)

9) who is no.2?
best buddy back in school

10) say something abt no.5
dey.. mana ada

11) how abt no.4?

12) who is no.3?
best buddy back in school tapi dia tak buat tag aku yg pertama

13) finally,tell abt no.6
a ghost! eyyyy....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Emceeing Walk-a-payung 2008

Walk-a-payung 2008 info here.


The crowd

Walkathon with an umbrella has started.

3 piece Live Band Performance: Charlie and Friends

Performance from Leo Club Subang Jaya

The 'Zorro' from USJ8


Selalu nampak budak2 shuffle kita cakap 'ey mak ayah die tak marah ke?' Oh yang ni confirm tak, ini semua anak kakitangan Realrewards

Performance from Malaysia Association of The Blind

With Choy and May. Wow triplet tapi gigi lain sket =)

Review from press:

Makeup Tips: Nite Makeup

New Year's party is coming!
To glamorize eyes for night outs, I use shimmer eyeshadow to highlight eyes.

M.A.C Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes
Features: Warm Suede, Grand Entrance, Real Drama, Gentle Heat, Well Spiced and Sweet Joy.

I will now focusing on applying eyeshadow since I shared other basic makeup steps in my previous post.

1)Sweep the lightest shade over the entire area from the lash line to the brow line
2)Apply the darkest shade on the lower lid. It creates the depth in eyes.
3)Apply a slightly lighter shade than (use similar color) the darkest and blend it into your base shade. Blend any strong edges.
4)Use a very fine pencil liner of natural color to line the upper and lower lash lines. I applied the same eyeshadow (darkest) to lower lash lines.
5)Apply mascara. For best results, first look down and brush the top lashes from the roots downwards, then look up and brush the top lashes upwards.

*Extra tips:
A friend asked how to shade nose. I rarely shade the nose for normal occasion. So I would recommend to use darker shade of compact powder to look more natural and it may not very obvious.
To create the appearance of a longer nose, highlight down over and under the tip.
Apply a darker shade of compact powder or dark brown eyeshadow to the sides of your nose between your eyes in a narrow crescent-moon shape. Blend it towards your eyes, as well as up and down your nose


Makeup Tips: Day Makeup

M.A.C Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes
Eye Shadow compact made of red snakeskin-embossed metal with a lavish faux jewel.
Features: Warm Suede, Grand Entrance, Real Drama, Gentle Heat, Well Spiced and Sweet Joy.

1)Sweep the lightest shade over the entire area from the lash line to the brow line
2)Choose one color and apply to the whole eyelid. Blend any strong edges.
3)Apply black/dark brown eyeshadow in a v shape at the corner of your eyelid. If the shape is too dark and big, blend it with color you apply in step 2.
4)Use a very fine pencil liner of natural color to line the upper and lower lash lines. Apply thick line at the corner of upper and lower lash lines.
5)Apply mascara.

Sonang kan??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

‘Happy Birthday Sultan Selangor!’

time kasih sebab bagi cuti, boleh gi jalan2

Semalam walaupun cuti tapi ada a few formal things I have to manage. Dari Menara Perak ke KLCC. Disebabkan nak melepak pulak dekat KLCC, it might be long so I parked my car at Menara Public Bank. Konon2 park kat Menara PB lagi murah la, konon la.. Ok sambung cite. Masa tu masih bertenaga setakat lintas jalan 2-3 kali, tak dok ha.. Sedang berjalan2, aku nampak seorang mamat India (dipercayai bukan rakyat Malaysia) sedang terbaring di taman di hadapan KLCC tu. Apahal?
Owh rupanya tengah ambil gamba kawan dia yang sedang duduk kat atas tiang kat taman tu. Tak sempat plak aku nak amek gamba dia tgh amek gamba kawan dia tu. Tapi masih segar di ingatan so I can draw.. Hehe Click to enlarge.

Memang lama la lepak, dari kul 4 aku sampai kul 9 lebih. Kalau parking kat KLCC tu dah bape dah tu. Hmm nasib baik buat pilihan bijak.
Bijak tak bijak la aku, bila time nak amek keta sekali pak guard kata ‘Tau tak parking tutup pukul 9’
Korang-korang yang keje kat Menara PB ni tak reti nak buat overtime keeee?? Konon2 la aku nak anta Syud balik, last-last LRT yang anta kami balik. TG!
Semalam rasa kelakar la, pagi ni dah tak kelakar mana. Kena tumpang Yin n Ita gi keje, pastu aku bangun lambat (apesal bunyi alarm tu slow sgt?) sian diorang kene tunggu (Thanks nyah!). Pastu arini ada banyak hal plak, ada lunch kat KL la pas keje ade meeting la.. Uwaaaa management parking tu xtau ke mak busy arini???
So maksudnya:
2 hari parking kat Menara PB = 5 jam parking kat KLCC
isk..isk..isk Tak baik tau ayah turunkan sifat kedekut tu kat saya, turunkan la kat org lain ;p

Thursday, December 4, 2008

An answer to Aesha's question..

Q: married?

somebody is getting married on Jan 2009. nice one 'friend'.

A: Yup..yup..yup
Cik bedah, this is what u're waiting for cik bedah.. U so slow la, stay at Pilah make u so slow. This news u also don't know. Why? U don't read paper meh? All...u want me to tell. Always me has to tell. Simple-simple thing also I have to tell. I have Hollywood stars wedding more important for me to invenstigate. I don't care la if local celebrity.
But because cik bedah and aesha are my friends, i broke the rules. Of course to invenstigate local celebrity is on my fingertip, so easy.. i dont have to look for them, they come and see me. But you people are so lazy to find what's new even it's in Malaysia. But ok la, now i found the answer to your question kan, so good la. U just don't have to do anything, click-click-click u got the information. Easy life but nemind i tell u la.
Actually she asked me to accompany her to bridal house.Ala normal la, people sure ask me to follow one.I have good taste,she said.Ok la so i follow. Not much interesting la, she does what bridal-to-be does la, try-try..take it off try another one and asked 'Cantik tak?' if i say yes she say no. Then try again until the shop close. Tommorow continue. So tired u know. Tommorow I don't want to follow la. Anyway, for you two..this is so special tau. I snapped a picture for you. This exclusive at my blog only. This is the person that you ask-ask. In her wedding dress. Do not tell anyone k. Keep it to yourself only. You want to see the picture?

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Walk-a-Payung 2008

The Lupus Society of Malaysia is organising a Walk-a-payung event - a walkathon in aid of people suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) on 14th Dec 2008 at Sunway Pyramid.
For more details on the event information, please click image to enlarge.

*Systemic lupus erythematosus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can be fatal; however, with recent medical advances, fatalities are becoming increasingly rare. As with other autoimmune diseases, the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage.
SLE can affect any part of the body, but most often harms the heart, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, and nervous system. The course of the disease is unpredictable, with periods of illness (called flares) alternating with remissions. Lupus can occur at any age, and is most common in women.

Ticket is only RM20 and you’ll get umbrella, goodies bags, breakfast etc etc.

I’ll be there, hoping to see you too!

Ini adalah saya.Saya bukan kamu.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Makeup Tips: Jalan-jalan

hello nyah,
kan haritu mak dah janji nak ajar makeup kan..ha sekarang mak nak tunaikan ok.nnt ko jgn nak bgtau reporter mak mungkir janji pulak..
Ok, harini mak nak share la cmne nak makeup nak keluar jalan2, contoh nak gi KLCC teman kawan beli bag Nine West :p
ok nyah kalo setakat nak keluar gi KLCC tu, kita guna color2 yang natural gitu. Kalau over sgt nanti ade pulak yang tak tegur kan;
'Eh nyah, ko bertunang kat KLCC ke? Mak xtau pun nyah..sampai hati ko tak ajak. Mak banned ko nyah'
tak pun org cakap...
'Ey nyah, fashion show tu kan masa christmas nanti, stage pun tak siap lagi nyah, nape ko makeup awal sgt nyah..cair nanti'
Ok sekarang mak nak tanya, apakah pekara asas kita perlu buat sebelum makeup? Ha jawab..jawab..
Foundation? Ey tak kose nyah salah jawapan ko tu!
Mula2 mesti la baca bismillah, ampunkan la dosa nyah ni ya allah.
Ok pastu baru la pakai foundation =)

1.Apply foundation.
Sukahati la nak tebal ke tak, kalo dah cover unwanted marks kat muka tu dah ok dah. Ni mak guna Demarcos shade 4.5, wane ni natural kalo apply banyak pun muka xla jadi macam tepung gomak tp lagi flawless. Kat area mata pun apply jugak sebab lagi senang nak makeup mata nanti,baru nampak color eyeshadow tu.

2.Apply concealer
Kalau ade problem bawah mata gelap, letak concealer.

3.Apply loose powder
Kalau nak pakai compact powder pun boleh.

4.Draw eyebrow
Mak pakai pencil Mustika Ratu (brown) nampak lagi natural. Kalo memang kening hitam tu boleh la pakai color hitam.Boleh pakai pencil atau kalo ade eyeshadow dark brown/hitam apply kat eyebrow guna berus.

5.Apply eyeshadow
Berikut merupakan color2 yang mak akan gunakan ok:

a)Mula2 taruk color yang very-the-lightest kat bahagian antara atas mata dan eyebrow. Baru nampak kening tinggi sikit.Jangan takut taruk banyak nyah, apply sampai color kat mata tu sama mcm kat dlm bekas eyeshadow tu, baru cantik.

b)Ok sekarang nak apply eyeshadow kat kelopak mata. Nak senang kan nyah guna berus. Sebab berus ni lembut, so dia kan ikut bentuk mata kita. Dengan menggunakan berus, buat bentuk mcm dalam gamba bawah ni, kita nak dapatkan bentuk dulu kan..ikut je bentuk mata masing2, buat macam huruf U terbalik gitu lukis dari hujung mata ke hujung lagi satu.
Mata yang sama ok, jangan dr hujung mata kanan ke mata kiri pulak.

c)Pastu ada kosong kan tgh2 tu, sapu je eyeshadow kat situ. pakai jari pun takpe. apply banyak sikit kat eyelid mata tu

d)pastu amek color yang light sket dari color tadi untuk apply kat garisan color yang kita buat di (b). kalo biar je garisan tu cmtu nampak cam keluang man kan, so kita nak bg ade tone color gitu apply je color yang light kat garisan eyeshadow (b).

e)Kalo nak define mata lagi, sapu eyeshadow color dark brown sama macam (b) dekat hujung mata.

f)Sekarang dah boleh pakai eyeliner, mak cadangkan pakai color dark brown ni bukan ape nyah, senang bila nak pakai eyeliner. kalo garisan eyeliner bergerigi pun takpe, tak nampak sangat sebab mata dah wane gelap in fact pakai eyeliner sket2 pun dah ok sebab dark brown ni dah buatkan mata nampak besar. Apply jugak kat bawah mata.

g)pastu pakai la mascara, pakai tebal sket baru cantik.

So ni final look mata:

h)then pakai lipstick, kalo mak..mak suka pakai wane yang soft2 je sebab kat mata dah beratkan. tp ikut ko la nyah

i)kalo nak pakai blusher pun pakaila.time ni mak malas, dah la dah lambat. sure kawan mak dah berdiri kat depan kedai bag tu
alamak betul la..

Ok syud, mak dah siap!! On the way.. on the way..

Ok nyah nanti mak bagi tips lain ok. korang pun boleh request nak makeup tips camane ok! daa..

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