Sunday, November 23, 2008

A1GP – Feature Race

I went to watch A1GP race at Sepang last Sunday. Together with me my fiancée and his housemates – Fadly and Jazi (Fadly is single – waa promote hahaha)
Stopped at Petronas Sepang - Proton Booth

Collecting our free ticket

Then redeem free caps form Jobstreet at the entrance.

Come on in.. :)

A jaw-dropping car. Aaaaaaaaa..Masa darjah 3 nampak poster Lotus, la ni baru dapat pegang yang real isk..isk

View from the grandstand

Fairuz Fauzy had a storming start to the Feature race keeping his fourth place start and pushing hard for position but a clash between India and Switzerland. When racing resumed Fauzy was straight on to the PowerBoost and out braked the third placed car of Lebanon to claim third place. We were like yeeeeee-haaaa!
Malaysia held position until the first round of pit stops. Disaster struck for the team when radio interference from another team, who were calling in their driver, resulted in Fauzy unnecessarily pitting. The team could do nothing but wave him out onto the track, but the damage was done. He reached 11th place with seven laps remaining. Over the next seven laps he pushed as hard as he could and reeled in the Italian ahead, finally claiming a coveted point on the last lap. We supported him till the end. I mean yes the crowds are a bit frustrated with the result but thumbs-up for his determination.
1 Ireland Adam Carroll
2 Portugal Filipe Albuquerque
3 USA Marco Andretti
10 Malaysia Fairuz Fauzy

Bye.. Jumpa next year!

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