Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The DON'TS - Reply to an interview propose

I found this in other forum.

Dear Program Director,

Thank you for your interest to interview me for Residency Training
Program at your hospital. I am disappointed to report
that I am not able to offer you the opportunity to interview me for your programs. This has been the most competitive year that I have experienced during all my studentship. I have received over
50 invitations for a total of one position (myself). Though your program is well-qualified, I have to wait until I review all the invitations while I am only able to be interviewed by a
limited number of programs this year. Please do not be disappointed now, this does not mean you are a low-qialified program, I personally put you on my waiting list and will inform you during upcoming days if your status changes.

Thank you again for your very much interest in me.

-- Good Luck!hehe

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