Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Irresponsible Dumb-Car Driver. May or may not be you.

Selalu kan orang beli kereta, dapat pulak jenis orang yang obsess dengan car accessories ni kan, lagi2 kalau orang lain takde.
‘Keta kau ada air-bag?’
‘ABS ada?’
and apa2 lagi yang dia ada pastu dia saja tanye pada orang yang confirm takde, so memang la semua kau ada orang lain takde. Tp dia ni tak berapa kisah plak pasal apa yang ada (sebab spare-part tu memang penting) and paling selalu perlu digunakan – takde plak dia nak berkongsi cerita dengan orang camane nak guna ke apa kan. Sibuk dengan spare-part / accessories yang bila nak accident baru berguna – nak ke? Tak faham?
Sebenarnya nak cerita pasal signal, ala lampu kecik wane oren kat sebelah lampu kereta tu.. perasan? Pernah nampak? Pernah guna tak? Mestila pernah kan.. bila ek? 1 saat sebelum masuk simpang ke dah masuk simpang baru bagi signal?
Pastu biasa tak bawak kereta pastu ada motor kiri kanan? Mesti rasa macam langau je motorcyclists tu kan? Mana-mana pun ada. Ok jap, kalo dia dok kat tengah jalan salah.. left lane salah.. right lane pun salah, diorg nak dok mana? Tumpang atas bumbung kereta? Senang kan takdela tergesel sana sini. NOTE: Jangan masukkan group mat rempit dalam term motorcyclist before and after ok. Lain kali baru discus pasal diorang, itu special case.
Tajuk bukan main cakap omputih sekali cerita kat bawah ni semua cakap melayu, transalate sendiri k.. Hahaha hati panas ni.
Untuk sapa2 yang tak pernah tengok. Berikut merupakan car signal yang sepatutnya flashing when you need to change direction.

Ha..kalo kat dalam kereta jangan cari gamba tadi, itu signal dr pandangan luar, kalo dah masuk dalam kereta cari objek seperti di dalam gambar di bawah:

My pet peeves story - I don’t have many but this one is about knuckleheads who refuse/ do not know how and when to use car signal. Those people irritate me big time. They are stupid people with the brain growing in their knee - it may be surprising that the world revolves around the sun not them. No matter how important they in their own mind others may have more pressing issues.
Last Friday, my fiancé injured badly (maybe not that very bad to you but use your brain imagine if it ever happened to your love ones or even worse to yourself (This is basically a remark to the car driver)) after being hit by a car.
He rode a scooter heading to The Curve. He was at the right or middle lane at flyover One Utama when a car form his left switching lane to the right, accelerated without signal and hit his scooter. He failed to balance and fell on the road. Luckily there was another biker stopped and helped him. What happened to the car? The driver felt so guilty that made him to commit suicide jumped from the flyover.
He/she managed to slip away and didn’t give a damn that he/she had just injured a-soul badly. Maybe he/she smiled that he/she managed to escape. And God looked down from heaven in total confusion, “My child, why do you thank me when I’m sending you on the first flight to hell?”
Where did you go for driving school, anyway? Was it online through
How much did you have to pay to get your license?
Do you remember that the driving teacher told to you to give signal at least 3 seconds before you change direction - A few seconds could make the difference between life and death.
Ami is injured on his knees, hands and 8 stitches on his chin – uwaa tu mahal dagu tu dagu Bront Palarae
Human soul is not worthy for this kind of people and i have no idea why they still exist on earth.

"It's a wonderful thing, as time goes by, to be with someone who looks into your face, when you've gotten old, and still sees what you think you look like."
from the movie "The Bachelor"

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