Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My career so far

“ICT is just a tool.” That’s what my former boss keeps telling me. He didn’t mean it in a degrading or disrespectful way, but I felt terribly annoyed and somehow de-motivated each and every time those words came out of his mouth. I didn’t blame him though. He is from a different background, different field, different upbringing, in a nutcase, different world. “He is in engineering”, I thought. Before I came into the firm, the only thing about the it that was ‘IT’ enough to be worth mentioning was that it has its own domain name for its online presence, thus our more presentable ‘username@domainname.com’ email addresses on our business cards.

Okay, I was being sarcastic. Of course the office is fully equipped with PCs and laptops, basic business peripherals such as printers and projectors, heck; we even have a paper shredder! Again, I’m sorry for stating the obvious. I guess deep down, I still cannot accept, let alone agree with the idea that I have been spending countless hours of the best years of my life studying something that some people think as merely a tool. It took my fiancée one full semester to convince me that I was in the right course, that I was in the right path, and that ICT can offer me a long and rewarding career. And it took another 5 semesters of sheer hard work and determination on my part, to really get the hang of it and achieve a respectable enough degree. Thus, for someone to tell me, over and over again, that the field that I have come to love and be passionate about, is just some tool, like a hammer or a shovel, is like someone had kicked me on the toe. Yes, it really hurts.

However, I guess, after just over two years being in the industry, I’m beginning to realize that although there is a sense of naivety with my beloved godfather’s comment, essentially he was right. Emotions and sentiments aside, ICT, like any other areas of technology, is just a tool. It is merely a way for us to apply what little knowledge about science that we have to good use. But one heck of a tool it is! The technology, although still in its infancy, is believed by many to be so revolutionary and novel, that some scholars hail it as the latest epoch in human-kind’s history. So, who cares whether Information and Communication Technology is just merely a tool or not. I’m glad enough to be in the loop of one of the most influential technology in today’s world. So the previous three paragraphs of nearly 500 words is just an introduction to the next 500 words of my future career plan in this industry. The actual article starts now.

I am very grateful that my hard-work and sleepless nights during my three years as a student in Kuala Terengganu pays off eventually. My career path so far, has been relatively easy and straight-forward, thanks to a couple of Dean’s List and a respectable final CGPA, and of course my god-given extrovert personality and a good command in spoken English do gives me a few extra points during the interviews. So after only a couple of months working in a software development environment right after graduating, I was offered an increase in my salary by another company, that was too good for me to turn down. However, with the good pay, along came the bigger responsibilities. After two years giving my all to the company as its sole IT specialist cum project manager, I was ready to move on. I maybe the most IT literate employee there, but to the outside world, I knew I still has a lot to learn.

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