Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What do you think?

Have you ever experienced working with your fiancée / spouse in the same department and in the same position? I honestly have no idea how is that feels like. And how that is will sooner or later affect the relationship – both in a good or bad way.
I’m not talking about – he/she used to be your colleague then fall in love then married. You knew him/her before you both have to work together in the same company – even worst in the same department.
Well I believe there are pros and cons – everything in the world does! But what are those things that I should expect to undergo the situation? Say the company is a good one; I should not lose the opportunity right?
Half of me am very excited, because I know me and him such a great collaboration. But… you never know what challenges that can make go downhill. Working together can be tricky sometime.
Wow, I’m restless. Anyone would like to give opinion, it’s greatly appreciated.
Ami what do you think? :)

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