Monday, March 9, 2009

An annoying old lady

I'm on medical leave today - got fever since last few days plus diarrhea since early morning.

I just got back from seeing the doctor and I felt so 'healthy' not exactly after taken any medicine BUT after I met this one old annoying lady! She made me feel so energetic to write about her rather than lay in my bed!

I was waiting for my turn to see the doctor and a-40++ years old lady and her sick daughter walking in and saying 'Nama dia Natasha.. cek card dia ... ...' and she sat at the last row bench. I can feel something 'not-OK' with this lady. 5 minutes past, she looked restless, mumbling then she stepped to the front counter 'Dik, tengok kalau ada keta nak keluar keta akak Mercedes biru' All the nurses just nodded their heads. And me? senyum kambing la apa lagi, patut ada gaya 'poyo' drive mercedes ropenye - Na, it s ok if u dont mention your car brand anyway

After a minute, she spoke to the nurses from her seat so the whole clinic can listen to her 'Dik kalau boleh bagi dia masuk dulu la, dia sakit sangat ni. Tadi saya dah call kan' Wow, besar lesen mak cik?! I just looked at her - in case she didn't notice there are two patients earlier than her sick daughter. Nurse2 semua buat muka x puas hati. Next, the nurse called another name but definitely not her daughter name. Dia memekak lagi 'Dik cakap dengan Dr panggil dia la, bla bla bla'
You turned me on baby!!
'Aunty, harap consider la ada orang datang lagi awal in fact semua yang datang memang sakit' And she replied
'Kalau camtu takpelah, kalau boleh masuk dulu ok, kalau xboleh takpelah macam u cakap kalau boleh consider bla bla bla' -Ah, that's a good point but the consider-thingy -- It was my point kan? kan? kan?
Pastu dia membebel ape ntah, thing is if she ask politely a nice people like me will absolutely more than willing to let her daughter in first. But she didn't ask a favour but give an order!
Tengah dia membebel, my name has been called. Aku masuk-masuk je Dr menggeleng2 kepala 'Is not that we do not allow her daughter to go in but must follow turn' Ha betul sangat la tu.
Bila aku keluar je tengok aunty tu dah bla. Nurse semua senyum kambing je atas perilaku wanita yang mungkin kaya tu dia ingat she can buy people time with her money?
Pesanan penaja:
1.Aunty, anak aunty tu memang la sakit.. tapi she's lucky ada seorang yang sihat bawa pergi klinik.
2.Kami ni ha siap pergi sendiri je aunty dah la jalan kaki bukan naik mercedes.
3.Kalau betul2 kaya; panggil Dr datang umah la buat apa susah nak dtg klinik ni, kene Q lagi pulak

2 comments on "An annoying old lady"

aEsHa aEsHly on March 10, 2009 at 12:32 AM said...

pegi mam**s la ppuan tu. mencik! *tgh emosi

- just me - on March 11, 2009 at 11:18 PM said...

Mmg x suke org2 yg selfish camtu.. Mentang2 laa die 'ikan besor' konon2nye.. uweeekk!!

Klu jumpe org2 cani, mmg yg sakit pun leh jd x sakit dah sbb sakit ati tu dah jd lebih huhu sabooo jelah..

nway, get well soon :)

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