Friday, July 24, 2009

Oya’s Birthday Celebration at TGI Friday, Curve

I was worried initially when most of the invitee declined the invitation. Understood, everyone has something else on. Bit worried if it won’t as happening as expected since only 3 of our friends confirmed to join. Fortunately, Zaila came with her hubby.. Lin came with her ‘son’, Naqib so meramaikan lagi.

But that’s not all, by the time TGI crew brought the birthday cake to our table, a guy – from the table behind us said ‘Oh, it’s birthday party’ camtu la lebih kurang and asked whose birthday then stood near to Oya. I was like WHUTTTT but he seems genuinely friendly. Now, we have another ‘friend’ celebrating Oya. That’s cool!

What’s more? He invited all his friends from his table to join and everyone stood around our table. Bang, macam birthday abang je kan? Hehe. Brilliant!

So we sang the birthday song together, from 6 friends and now are like Oya owned everyone on earth. If I were you, Oya – that was the best crowd ever!!

The crew asked Oya to sing a song – she has no idea and we asked her to sing Korean song la, Bunga-bunga Cinta la.. Semua tak hafal okeh! Last2, how bout Negaraku? There we go, nyanyi lagu Negaraku beramai2 di TGI! And that guy was so semangat like he is Oya BFF??! I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur!

Please compare Bob and Borhan. Click here (pasto scroll down sket kat new page nnt k)

So then we enjoyed our meals then that guy came to our table AGAIN?! Bengang jugak tapi ropenye bawak berita baik ‘I paid your meals, guys!’ Oh, you don’t have to do that.. How about tomorrow’s dinner? He’s a very nice, sociable, selambe, kepoh guy! Not to mention he is actually GM Sales at Shell. Well, couple of hundreds of 100K a month.. No objection! Please pay.

Thanks, Bob!

So Oya, hope you loved it. Hmm sapa la forward invitation email to Bob? =)

1 comments on "Oya’s Birthday Celebration at TGI Friday, Curve"

mahira oya on July 25, 2009 at 9:50 AM said...

i love it..
thanks to all of u..

surprise yg unik..
sgt memorables..
plus bob mcm 1 of surprise for the meals..haha..
rezeki sume org time tu kan..

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