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Non-Profit Charity Project - Children Diagnosed with Cancer & Leukemia @ HKL

Kebanyakkan kita 'merungut' wardrobe anak dah penuh, nak buat dgn baju-baju yg dah x muat. Bakul permainan dah penuh etc.

I found a channel di mana kita boleh salurkan barang2 yang mungkin dah kurang penting bagi kita, tapi mungkin sangat diperlukan oleh orang lain. I received an email from Noraiza who's currently doing a charity project, see her email below:

Hi everyone!!! I'm doing a 
non-profit charity project for children diagnosed with 
Cancer & Leukemiain Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
To those who want to do charity for these children, we plan to spend a day with the children: playing games, coloring activities, etc, at Ward KK3, Hospital Kuala Lumpur on
17th March 2012 (Saturday).As a gift, we would like to collect 50 items of:
a) teddy bears/ soft toys
b) cute blankets
c) books/ story books/ colouring books + colours
d) for their care takers - we would like to give them LOVELY mug (as hospital will not provide them with glass/ mugs/ tupperware).
Our due date will be on 
10th March 2012.
You can read the blog SHARING IS CARING: 
mytinaproject.blogspot.comYou can contact the person in-charge: 
Norazlin Jalil at +6017-2645422 @mytinaproject@gmail.comPlease help us to spread the news to your friends out there & hope that they'll also support us like u did :)
* Let's REACH to them... Let's give them HOPE... as they always wish for HOPE every second of their life... * 
Thank you!

So sesiapa yg berminat untuk contribute, boleh la berhubung terus dengan beliau ATAU kalau ada rakan-rakan di bloglist saya nak kumpulkan barang2, mungkin sebab kuantiti kecil so kita boleh sekalikan dan saya akan set arrangement untuk pass brg2 tersebut pada Noraiza.

Let's help all these unfortunate kids. Mana tau satu hari mereka bantu kita semula.

My email:
BB pin: 22A64A47

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