Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Blessing No 4

October last year, I had a miscarriage. It did not take a long time before my first period after miscarriage to occur. Early December, I got my period and I was happy because everything seems normal. Then, my period was overdue in Jan. At first, I was worried kalau-kalau period masih belum regular. Hampir 10 hari overdue, barulah buat pregnancy test.

Tahniah, anda pregnant (sekali lagi).

Mestilah happy. Siapa kisah pasal tak ready. Since kali ni ada tarikh period lagi senang hati.

This time I plan untuk tunggu sampai 8-9 weeks before I make appointment for an ultrasound (US). You know the feeling when you look at empty sac, no fetal echo seen, no heartbeat.. It can be very frustrating (it's normal that these cannot be seen at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy). Kalau boleh nak pergi scan dan nampak baby, more promising.

Unfortunately, hari Selasa lepas I found brown spot in the morning and light red spot sebelah petang. Allah. Sedih betul. Maka, teruslah ke Emergency O&G HUKM untuk check. The doctor saw sedikit bleeding but not active bleeding. And transvaginal scan showed I'm 5w0d pregnant. Kalau mengikut kiraan dah 6w4d. This nearly 2 weeks off seems A LOT to me. The only thing we were able to see adalah sac and yolk sac. Setidak-tidaknya kalini nampak yolk sac.

Spotting at early pregnancy can be possibly caused by implantation bleeding, sign of miscarriage atau molar pregnancy (rare). Until miscarriage is confirmed then only we can tell is not an implantation bleeding or others. I think I'm not worried so much on the spotting alone selagi tidak ada bleeding. But the combination of spotting (for 3 days now) AND 2 weeks off of sac measurement = memang menyesakkan dada.

Jadi harini, bagi menyelesaikan persoalan yang bermain di dalam minda, mengurangkan kesesakan di dalam dada, kesusahan di dalam hati - I read some references online.

Went for an ultrasound at 7 weeks and it showed I'm only 5 weeks. Is this possible?

During my first two pregnancies, the measurements were always tally with EDD calculation so I searched for similar case like mine and try to find out the possibilities. Ada ramai yang experience ultrasound (US) giving different measurement at early stage of pregnancy, banyak juga yang the pregnancy will still carry on instead of miscarriage (THERE'S A HOPE!).

  • EDD calculation is based on average or what is normal, maybe, I may not be measuring in what they consider within the normal range.
  • It could have to do with my ovulation being a little off. The period that I initially thought was normal, maybe the cycle is still crazy after the miscarriage. Maybe my cycle is not 28 days but longer that that. The possibility that I had ovulated 2 weeks later than I thought.
  • Babies are growing at different rate in (or even outside) the womb. Maybe the baby is a little slower to develop, not every baby is cookie cutter in size so that could have a lot to do with it.
  • Our bodies work in mysterious ways so it could be that the size is making slightly out.
  • Although US showing I'm only 5 weeks but it shows a regular pregnancy at week 5 - normal sac and yolk sac is there. No expectation to see the heartbeat until later weeks.

I hope and pray that this will end up with a healthy baby (girl)! Amin. And at the same time preparing myself for the worst.

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