Monday, February 23, 2015

Antenatal Checkup for #myblessingNo4

20 Jan 2015 - I was 5w0d pregnant though according to EDD calculation the pregnancy most likely at its 7w.

3 weeks later, on 10th Feb, I went to KKIA to register and open buku merah or sebenarnya pink he he So used to buku merah. I was a bit nervous before the doctor scan, pray hard to see the baby's heartbeat this time. Alhamdulillah, the baby s growing, we can see the heartbeat, it's measurement was 8w3d. And it's tally with the first scan.

Can't see much huh? I was struggle to see it too.. As long doctor kata okay, i'm one happy mommy. Dan this happy mommy has gained 6kg in the first 2 months. Good job!

And today, 23/2.. We went to see our gynae. In fact haritu baba dah missed nak tgk #blessingNo4.. We do hope our baby keep growing and progressing. I have agood feeling this time sebab the whole week since last week flat disebabkan sickness. The sickness wasn't longer mild. But still I'm grateful, as long that indicates my pregnancy is strong. So, hasil scan harini.. Baby is measured at 10w5d :) dah form tangan and kaki. Tak sampai sebulan I gained another kg. Walaupun claim takde seleara n nauseous he he

Hello there!!

But.... The actual highlight of the day was:
Masa scan, Prof ada mention.. Walaupun masih awal tapi Prof saja bagitau yang nampak macam ada 'coet' kat tengah2 tu.. Hahahaha Okay u know what, let's wait another month :)

Kalau tak XX, XY pun confirm best! ;p

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