Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Person

Amir has turned 14 months old. He yet to walk on his own steadily while other toddlers, especially his cousins started walking when they were 10 months young or later at 1 year of age. Frankly speaking, I was a bit gloomy in that sense. Especially when we meet toddler younger or at his age, they are already running around. And when we spoke to their parents ‘Oh, she’s started walking at 9 months’. Hehe.

Well, I do know toddler growth is different from one to another. Furthermore, it’s not that my sonny cannot walk at all but he chooses to start walking later than his parent’s expectation. At first we thought he will start walking at 12 months, it didn’t happened so we extend to 14 months. It’s still not happening, maka kita bagi masa sampai setahun setengah ;p

Nevertheless I can see he enjoys walking especially he is so into kicking ball these days. But, he wants to hold mommy’s fingers for support! He grips my finger so tightly, rasa macam nak patah. Because he knows if he hold loosely, my fingers will slip away from his ;p Mommy always tries to step aside to let him walk on his own. He can walk, of course. He has taken many small steps since last few weeks. But once he fell off, he will cry for 911, someone MUST come rescue and hold him. He’s now too complaisant with someone else hold him while walking and kicking around. One funny thing, everytime when he with his own initiative to try walking.. he will do it sambil senyum kambing + gelabah looking at people surround him. I was like, ‘Helloo.. it’s normal for you to walk, nak malu-malu kucing buat apa’ Hehehe. Amir si busuk masam mommy. But you’re such a cutie at that moment.

Despite of the delay of crawling (Amir started crawling when he nearly turned 1) and walking, I honestly grateful on his brain development.
Amir likes to watch TV and he knows to request when he wanna watch his favorite VCD, Wheels on the bus. We bought him many VCD from Baby Enstein collection. But he likes this VCD that I borrowed from my company’s library. That VCD is quiet an old one, I saw the year was 2001. They claimed that they’re the world’s first 3D animated musical for children. Can you imagine how old is that? Haha. The picture is a little bit funny not like nowadays cartoon; they look so real and nicer. But the story is very interesting though especially the characters. Featuring Beep the Bus and his friends Bass, Sax, Trombone and Drum, not forgetting Daisy the dog. Join them in their adventures in Sing Song City, where almost everyone and everything is magically musical. - dah macam iklan.

In fact, Ami and I were sitting still and enjoying the story as well. At the beginning lah, after months and Amir keeps asking us almost daily to play the VCD once we reached home, there it comes the ‘arghhh’ moment. Last night, suruh pasang VCD masa minit-minit terakhir game MAS vs IND, mana boleh! Last-last tertidur dia, sian..
The best part is, ada subtitle in English so Ami and I will sing along with them. Mesti Amir ingat terornya mak bapak aku nyanyi, hafal semua lagu. But the VCD really helps to make Amir be still and sometimes sampai tertidur dia tengok cite tu.

Kusyuk tengok TV.

Recently we, oh no his dad again bought new VCD collection from Brainy Baby. He said 'ni bagus ni untuk left brain and right brain bla bla bla bla' Ok, saya pecaya judgment awak, pergi aje lah ke kaunter. Starting from there on, dia asyik suruh pasang VCD tu pulak. Menambahkan collection VCD untuk di paksa pasang oleh Amir.

Amir also enjoys playing with flash cards. We started playing with him since 4-5 months if I’m not mistaken. Now he can recognize the images on the card and the real object. Like dog, cat, book and many others. One day, he took one of the flash cards and put at his ear. I’m quite surprised and check what picture on the card. Oh, it’s a telephone! Credit to his baba always play the cards with him. Kalau dengan mommy, duduk melangok je depan TV ;p Last few days, again when mommy duduk melangok depan TV, Amir was playing with his flash cards and suddenly he went to the couch and tepuk-tepuk sofa tu. Mommy yang terkejut “Apa citer?”, oh rupanya he saw card with couch picture on it  :) Again, baba dia punya kerja ngajor ‘couch..’ sambil tepuk-tepuk sofa.

Flash card lesson at 7 months old

From day one, I knew that Amir was a little copycat. At 8-9 months he was mimicking his uncle, sapu minyak rambut – at first he observed, then he right away mimicking – gosok-gosok tangan and sapu dekat kepala (yang tak berapa nak ada rambut masa tu). And these days, he enjoys copying more of our actions – sneezing, coughing (sampai dia betul-betul batuk, muka merah), laughing (the evil laugh: Muahahaha), reading book, reciting doa makan – tapi entah bahasa apa dia guna. You know what, he imitates most of what his father doing, I think Amir worships him :)

Tengah ejek siapa tergelak ni sambil tutup-tutup mulut. Pleeasee lah!
Amir is friendly too, with other kids but not adults. Especially if he saw big boys who can do most of running around thingy. Mula lah dia nak join but…. ‘mommy, remember to hold my hands okay? I want to start running’
Jadilah mommy the biggest boy ever dalam crowd tu. Many times he approached 5-6 years old boys, just because they wore baju Upin Ipin atau Sponge Bob. ‘Bonge Bob’ katanya. Nak sebut Upin Ipin susah takde huruf ‘b’. Hehehe.

Kemain lagi dia yeeee..

But he still has anxiety to adults. Noone can carry him other than his parents. Well, susah hati jugak sebab his grandparents always wanted to play with him. Once they touched him, he started to shriek. Aiyoo. Mama Tok dah sound ‘Dah setahun Mama Tok mengurat Amir, belum dapat-dapat lagi’

Kemain lagi dia menangis, macam lah kena cubit..

Atok put head on his lap, cubaan melepaskan diri

On the bright side, we know that he is so attached to us.

... especially mommy! Weee..!

11 comments on "A Little Person"

♥EeiNz♥ on November 17, 2011 at 7:50 PM said...

ade petua tau nak bg budak berjalan ni, dayah try bwk amir berjalan atas air embun pg2 tu. insyaAllah, ni akak dgr petua org2 tua kite la .

bagus amir suke tgk tv, senang sket nak buat keje. cam sayyid xmo langsung, x macam kak sarah. so, mane ibu ade kat umah, di situla ade sayyid.

Haih ~ ibu nak u'ut pun susah tau dayah ! ;p

Nur on November 17, 2011 at 7:57 PM said...

hahaha takkan nak bawak masuk sekali dlm 'bank' tu kan ;p

dulu masa adik saya yang last tu pun kitaorg buat camtu. Nnt sy try, tapi kan kita dok rumah bertingkat, kat bawah semua jln TAR. Usaha bawak gi taman la

aThidEaN on November 17, 2011 at 8:06 PM said...

yaaayyy...ada entry baru..i bukak smlm belum ada entry. mcm sedih sikit..
suka baca ur updates etc...
well,my son pun dah 7bulan belum crawling lagi

Nur on November 17, 2011 at 8:25 PM said...

athidean, happy that u like it :)

tapi sekarang memang busy sikit, I wish to update daily tapi xde kesempatan

thanks again!

aThidEaN on November 17, 2011 at 9:07 PM said...

heheh, its ok.i know Phd is not easy at all...
well, ur other blog pon my another source of inspiration to start study back.
thanks btw.

Luv like this.... on November 17, 2011 at 10:16 PM said...

setiap bb progress dia lain2..dun worry mumy :)

btw amir shomel sgt mcm muke ank sorang kwn kita :)

ayza ukashah... on November 17, 2011 at 11:22 PM said...

hehe...pasni ko kna bli TV lagi 1 okeh

Zach's Momma on November 18, 2011 at 5:56 AM said...

statistic showed that baby boy mmg 'malas' skit nk belajar berjalan.. manjaa jer sebenarnya si macho amir nih :)

Nur on November 18, 2011 at 5:51 PM said...

zach's momma, thanks for sharing the statistic, membantu menyedapkan hati I hehe

tp memang cousins amir semuanya girl yang dah berjalan tu ;)

ryy.han on November 20, 2011 at 8:42 PM said...

dun worry...each baby progress lain2..

my son pun lmbt jalan...rasa tension gak sbb at the same time masa tu pregnant no 2 - indirectly carried 2 babies!

skrg dh expert jalan, naik tangga...skrg pun stress sbb dia suka sgt naik turun tangga...see mothers always worried

ederq on November 20, 2011 at 11:46 PM said...

i know right! my baby is only 9m pun ada orang tanya? belum boleh jalan ke? yewwwww. and my baby pun sungguh malas hendak crawl. dia rasa lambatnya crawl better nyulur. hehe crawl pun dalam few steps je.
on flashcards, woahh i dah lama tak flash ni. since shes very busy with other things now. should start again. memang ramai kata it works wonders.
amir ni smart boy! muachss!

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