Monday, January 21, 2013

(PhD tales) Months after long silence.. Now, I'm back!

My previous entry in this blog was somewhere in June last year. Masa tu nearly finishing semester 2, now dah habis sem 3! Betul-betul xde masa and takde banyak nak share since work in progress.

Today, my semester 3 is officially ended. Of all semesters, sem 3 is often the most terrifying. For my PhD's programme structure (Faculty Business & Accountancy, UM), all students are required to take 4 coursework and 2 elective (total 6 subjects) and advisable to complete those by semester 2. And at the end of sem 3, we need to defense our proposal to confirm on our candidature. If fail to do so, we may have chance in the following semester and if still fail. Pencalonan akan ditamatkan. Before one pass the preliminary conditions like completing the coursework and more important pass your proposal defense, kita digelar 'PhD candidate' - calon aje ye.. jangan perasan lebih2 ;p  Once you passed proposal defense and confirmed on your candidature barulah digelar 'PhD student'.... READ MORE...

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