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FAQs on Consuming Skin Supplement - Anti-oxidant / Collagen

Dr Harlina has shared her personal opinion on some FAQs related to consuming supplement for skin. Although she’s consuming different brand, I believe it would also applicable to other brand in the same category - anti-oxidant / collagen supplement.

1)    Is it safe for pregnancy?
Try to avoid during first trimester of pregnancy. This is because first trimester of pregnancy is where the organogenesis (development of the organ) of the embryo will be form. No strong study to support this supplement is safe to be consumed. Please don’t take the risk. After completion of first trimester, it is fairly safe to consume because embryo’s organ formation is complete.

2)    Is it safe for breastfeeding?

3)    When is the best time to take?
At night. This is because the skin renewal activity is happening while we sleep. Just take it before you go to bed and leave it to your body to do the job.

4)    Should I not taking caffeine while consuming this supplement?
As of any anti-oxidant supplement, it is not advisable to take caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretics. Diuretics mean it makes you pee a lot more. Peeing a lot can cause your body to be dehydrated. When body is dehydrated, so does the skin!! Dehydrated skin will hasten your aging process. On the other hands, you are drinking anti-oxidant and collagen at the same time to slow down your aging process. In other words, you are actually contradicting the effect of anti-oxidant and collagen. Do you get what I mean? No point of taking supplements and counter act the action at the same time. I’m a caffeine addict. Well, no so bad but I need my daily dose of caffeine. And I drink my caffeine in the morning to get me going. On top of my coffee, I drink a lot of water to make sure I stay hydrated. I don’t think I can function without caffeine. So, to all coffee lovers, we still have hope ok!!
Cited from Dr Harlina’s post on her blog, date 24th October 2014.

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