Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mom's Care Baby Carnival Sale fr 12 June to 16 June

Ya, it's another sale by Moms care tehehe

Okay, kalini banyak baju pulak. Toys, breastfeeding accecories, bags, bedding set, storage box pun ada. Besar sikit dari haritu.

The sale is happening at Atrium, Ikano Power Centre in front of Cold storage.

Let's cekidout

Boy's tshirt for only RM15. Size up to 36 months.

RM10 ja! Tapi ada defect sikit, they did mentioned.

Got to get a new cooler bag, current punya ni zip dia rosak (justify... Jgn tak justify)

Amir's favorite.. RM25, okay jalannn!

Baby's clothing and stuffs

I think this is cute, tapi tak ambil..

READ: RM12. Tapi size besar ada yg RM15

Romper, 3 pcs for RM20. Memang kena sapuu...

Gift set for RM50.

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