Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Products Clearance Sale - Mom's Care fr 29 May to 9 June

Up to 50% off for various brands like avent, little bean, bright stars, vtech, growin' up, fabulous mam (nursing bra n other breastfeeding necessity) among others.

At bargain corner, G floor, rainforest.

Clothing n basic barang2 baby memang banyak dan semua ada discount.

Of all items yang ada kat sini, I was lucky that I found these...

Little bean walker for only 120 from 249.9. This is for Umar. I plan nak beli walker masa sale Childhood Basic Marketing di CMC giant tapi I message diorang tanya when is the exact date sebab selalunya buat in June, they replied bulan 12 nnt baru buat heuheu Masatu mungkin Umar dah walk sendiri.

Alhamdulillah jumpa pulak kat sale momscare ni and I think harga after discount pun sama!

Tak banyak yang ada, tadi cuma ada 2 walker and the rest are bouncer. And walker yg lagi satu tu color pink. So i sapu both walkers yang appropriate for boy - 1 for Umar and the other one for my nephew, Zareef.

Other than this, i bought bottle warmer on behalf of my friend. Pun deal yang bagus jugak... 


So terpaksa lah I susahkan sales assistant untuk hantar barang ke parking because I was alone Tehehehe

Thank u adik2!

1 comments on "Baby Products Clearance Sale - Mom's Care fr 29 May to 9 June"

Puan Jiha on June 5, 2013 at 2:30 PM said...

wow bestnya shopping....mcm nak singgah gak je ahad ni hehhehee

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