Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Best way to deal with clingy baby?

I need a miracle answer!

Amir is so much like a clingy baby.  He shrieks when I put him down and started to walk away. Flashback; I noticed he started this since 4 months old. Which I assumed, it's just a sign of him noticing common faces surround him. When someone else carry him, he started restless. No cries just restless. The real separation anxiety happened when he was 6 months old. Even though I tell him I’ll see him soon, he thinks, “It’ll be ages before I see my mum again.”

Some pictures, recently taken.. Umur dah dekat setahun pun, I thought this clingy-thingy will outgrows when he becomes older - or maybe 1 year is not old enough - or once he becomes older he is more aware and more mature understanding of the world around him.

Menangis sakan lah, mommy letak dia sorang-sorang. Padahal mommy pergi ambil camera and cepat2 ada depan mata balik nak capture gambar. Siap amek camera lari pecut 100 meter. Kadang-kadang dari dapur mommy menyelinap lari masuk bilik air pun Amir perasan. Dengar bunyi dari tempat lain, pun Amir tau that must be my mommy hiding. So it's a very tough work for Ami to handle him when I was up and about doing something else.

Kalau dengar Amir giggle main dengan Baba while I was in the bathroom, tersengih-sengih sorang-sorang. Tak sampai berapa minit dah dengar dia nangis balik. Sigh.

Some babies are very independent, and don't think much of sitting and cuddling. Most babies like to be cuddled. But Amir is a super cuddly, possessive, demanding personality baby. Susah nak distract dia dengan benda lain if he wants mommy. Sampai mommy sampai la baru dia berhenti menangis. I can't seem to leave without him getting upset. He used to warm up to anyone, but now he clings to me whenever a stranger approaches like nobody business!

But chances are for a case like this, he will be close to you when he is older and a bigger help than some children who are more independent from the start.
~I wish. Atau inilah akibat selalu ejek suami 'Mommy's boy' Huahuahua. Sorry yang!

Thing is, there are times I have to work, bending and twisting, using both arms, but when he is awake ---> these times, a closed door between me and Amir's screams!  It preserves my sanity and patience! Then I became a Mommy Monster. And that's not all, I also got criticized for holding my extra needy baby too much  :(   Very unusual for me to let Amir screams for longer than five minutes. 5 minit pun tak pernah sampai kot. Takkan nak tunggu he becomes hysterical. Sometimes I feel like wanna close the door when I have to, and hold on! Some might called Amir, crying baby - well, he was.. masa baby sangat dulu. When we were somewhere else with others, I have to mingle around, lend hands to do some work - that is a perfect time for Amir to scream. By right, Amir is just a happy baby.

Especially, time like this.....

When mommy laid down, he will slowly crawl and landing. Peace. It can last long.

Different people might have different perception of this situation. Those who came across the exact same situation and those who are not. But who said you did anything wrong? It's the baby that has no understanding the concept of time, when you're saying "Just a minute," you may as well be saying "Just a millennium." So instead of letting Amir cries and screams I would rather sit by his side, and let him explore his surroundings. I'm sure learning to separate from Mom is difficult. It's difficult for an adult too  :(

I'm waiting for Amir's 'hatching' process, he will surely realize there's a whole world out there apart from mom. And mom can come back to baba   *wink*wink*

I can't wait the time where I canstood up right away, "And it came to pass!"

6 comments on "Best way to deal with clingy baby?"

MyRule on September 7, 2011 at 10:38 PM said... biras pun alami perkara yang sama dgn baby dia. Now, anak dia dah almost setahun 4 bulan. But, time my biras gi keja, ok ajer duduk ngan grandparents dia. Bila ajer keta biras i sampai umah terus jadi clingy. Ader yang ckp sebab baby kurang kasih sayang sebab adik ipar i PJJ ngan biras dia.

But i rasa, ini more pada fasa pembesaran baby la. Depends pada baby..ader yang lama, ader yang kejap. Dan ader juga yang start awal. Apa2 pun just enjoy every moments ok.. :)

deena awanis on September 7, 2011 at 11:43 PM said...

rafique pun sama jer..pantang ibu takde, mesti ada bunyi nyaring keluar..kecik2 dulu ok..dah besar ni makin menjadi2 pulak dia..he need attention i guess..cuma sebab he is a baby with short attention span, bila ayah dia main ngan dia, he'll forget about me for few minutes..then, bila nampak i melintas balik..nanges lagikk!!and soo on..huhhuhu...

part yang tak best ialah bila orang kata 'tu laa menyusu badan lama sangat, tu pasal jadi camtu" NYAMPAH!!!

[DnaZz] on September 8, 2011 at 1:33 AM said...

give me 5! My Rifqi is obviously 200% clingy type too. mmg pntg letak, terus meraung sakan. we as a mom mana thn tgk anak ngis ajer, mesti nk pegi dekat dia.once dia nmpak kita, dia pon diam. sampai nak potong sayur pon kena buat depan dia :)

nak tido lagi 1 hal, mesti nak tidur sambil nenen mama dia. selagi mama dia xtunaikan hasrat dia, selagi tu la dia xkan diam. same goes to me, hoping one fine day Rifqi can stand alone.

My Name is what..? on September 8, 2011 at 1:37 AM said...

Noah is very independent. Bila nak tidur, or i nak tidur ke, letak la dalam baby cot. lama2 tido lah dia. kalau x tido, lama2 dia boring, dia termenung..

no worries ok dear.everyone is different. got sooo many stories from otai mommy n alil bit of pros/cons. kita as a mommy, just doakan yang terbaik hari2. i x makan sangat kata org2 tua ni. coz banyak je x apply kat Noah pun. :P

but have faith ok? take care!

Happy belated one year Amir!! argghhh time flies!

thezaila on September 8, 2011 at 7:04 PM said...

tapi amir ngn aunty zaila ok je kan.. bleh bawak dukung pergi jalan2... babe.. kalau nk cari org jaga amir during weekend.. meh hantar kt aku.. aku charge murah je.. harga kawan2 rm50 per hour.. muahahha.. JK.. :D

Nur on September 8, 2011 at 10:29 PM said...

Woah Amir is not alone! hahaha

True enough, each baby different from the others, has pro/cons. Part yang cons tulah kadang2 buat kita terfikir if salah jaga ke salah didik ke or ape2 salah.

Actually Amir boleh je kalau org lain nak main2 tapi org tu kene kerja kuat sikit lah, bawak jalan2 jauh dari mommy ke or anything yang boleh attract him. Which not many can do it, sebaik ada aunty Zaila you! :)

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