Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Weekend


We went back to Philadelphia!! Atau orang Negeri Sembilan panggil Kuala Pilah ;p Attended wedding kawan sekolah menengah dulu. She and her husband been together since form 2! Dasat. We salute u.

Mak dara sibuk posing di pelamin and aisle. Hey, where's the pengantin??

Here comes the bride...

  Still mak dara tak berganjak? Hmm...

Anyway, many congratulations to Liyana and Golok (not sure his real name ;p )

Jangan harap Amir nak senyum, pandang kamera pun tidak.


First time Amir attend birthday. It's Damia's first birthday.

Kakak friendly main dengan Amir

So excited!

The father.

And the mother.

Amir and birthday girl - Damia

End weekend.

Come Monday.....

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