Monday, December 19, 2011

The Malaysian Women's Weekly Makes It Happen 2012: Workshop

Last Saturday, Women's Weekly magazine has conducted a workshop for the all the winners at Level 7, KL Hilton.

The Winners.

Categoriy: Fitness, Finance, Beauty, Well-being and Fashion

1st session: Clinique
Makeup tips.

Sebaik terpilih jadi model, sebab masa datang tak makeup apa-apa ;p

Clinique products worth 1k.

2nd session: Rilax
Topic: Problem Sleeping?

Products from Rilax yang membantu untuk tidur. This one good for Ami ;p

Rilax products worth 1k.

Next session, money talks with Hwang DBS

I'm entitled to the value of RM1000 in unit trust funds namely, HwangDBS Select Income Fund.

Fitness First Session with Jacqueline Mary, Fitness Manager

Dia kata dulu her weight was 120kg! Fuh.. I nak lengan besau macam dia.. hehehe 
Minah ni is funny too, I really enjoyed this session and very informative. Especially bila dia start this session dengan memberitahu, dengan exercise kita boleh firm dan uplift kan breast, nak up satu cup pun boleh (dia yang kata). Hahahaha. Funny but true. Semua perempuan dalam tu sangat teruja ;p 

I have won a 4-week Fitness First Lose It! Programme and 3-month Fitness First Platinum membership. Yeah!!

Final session with stylist from Debenhams. Basically informed us macam mana nak dress up according to our body shape.

I have won myself RM1000 shopping voucher courtesy of Debenhams Malaysia! Yeah lagiii!! Tapi voucher is ready for collection today (20th) onwards. Ceit. Baru ingat nak shopping last weekend.

Dan session yang paling best ialah ---> Make-up dan Photoshoot.

Lama gila tak dimakeup-kan dan diphotoshoot-kan. Cemas dan kekok di hadapan kamera.

Make-up by David Ooi from Clinique

Gambar sudah sempurna make-up dan berpakaian cantik, kena tunggu Women's Weekly Magazine issue. Sebab nak balik cepat lepas photoshoot, tak kisah dah nak ambil gambar sendiri.

p/s: Thanks Ami, tolong jaga Amir last Saturday :)

3 comments on "The Malaysian Women's Weekly Makes It Happen 2012: Workshop"

xente@eyka on December 19, 2011 at 6:04 PM said...

firm dan uplift kan breast mcm mana tu? hehhee

[DnaZz] on December 19, 2011 at 6:26 PM said...

cantiknya mekap tu beb!menang besar nih, congratsssss!:)

Nur on December 19, 2011 at 6:53 PM said...

zente: kene buat exercise sebab muscle dekat chest dah tak firm itu pasai la hehehe

dnazz: thanks, babe!

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