Thursday, December 8, 2011

One surprising news!

The Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine has been promoting WIN A LIFE MAKEOVER! or The Malaysian Women's Weekly Makes It Happen 2012 campaign in their Nov issue. There are 5 categories; Finance, Fashion etc. To enter is very easy, answer few questions - basically to tell them why we need a life makeover and provide them our picture. Since they allow us to participate via electronic mail, no effort to go to post office.. Why not? Click, click, click. SENT.

This morning I received a call from MWW. She said ... bla bla bla workshop on Saturday bla bla bla must come for fashion consultation at Debenhams bla bla bla.. I was a bit blur maybe more to surprise. So I just wait for her email to know the details. While waiting for her email, I browsed information regarding to this campaign. I found their Facebook. I can't recall the whole idea of this makeover because I didn't buy the magazine, I just borrowed from a friend ;p

But when I received her email...... I think have been chosen as the Fashion category winner for The Weekly Makes It Happen 2012 campaign. Ngeeeee. Aiya, not think one... I'm sure this is for real because she said Congratulations!  maaa.. Bold some more!  ;p
Therefore, I have to attend a coaching session/workshop at KL Hilton and a fashion consultation at Debenhams next week.

Never been this lucky. Seriously. Selain menang contest gambar loncat-loncat kat blog, ni first time menang contest kat magazine.

Still ragu-ragu betul ke akan menang hadiah yang berikut?

  • HwangDBS cash prize worth RM1,000
  • Debenhams fashion apparel worth RM1,000
  • Clinique skincare and make-up hamper worth RM1,000
  • Rilax product hamper worth RM1,000
  • Fitness First personalised training programme worth RM1,000

Tapi dalam email tadi dia ada tanya nak choose Fitness First outlet yang mana. Agaknya betul lah dah menang ni  ;p

Ah, feel good!

3 comments on "One surprising news!"

ayza ukashah... on December 8, 2011 at 10:33 PM said...

congrate babe

My Name is what..? on December 9, 2011 at 1:07 AM said...

congrats!! memang calon yang sesuai! nanti mesti keluar magazine :)

oya on December 11, 2011 at 9:41 PM said...

congrats!!baru lah tau..hehe..lucky betul

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