Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome Third Trimester!

"Hey sonny, you're already 7 months in mommy's tummy and 84 days more to go, you are going to be born that I just can’t stand it. I want to hold you, hear the cooing, see the perfect little fingers and toes."

By now I can really feel the movements of that little acrobat inside me.

Sometimes you kick or make a flurry of smaller movements. At times you didn’t kick, but stretched all the time. It was always fun to watch your head push up (or maybe buttock) or your feet (or maybe hand) as you stretched.

I believe you can hear too! Not just the sounds of my heart beat or the gurgling of my stomach, but maybe my voice as well. So I will talk to my belly, have my soul mate talk to my belly too. Hoping you can recognize us soon as you arrive.

Probably now you are busy working on the finishing touches before being born. Just like those last touches I do in the mirror before going out, maybe that’s what you’re doing.

But I notice that I’m little more moody. I would get upset quicker and it would take me longer to calm down. I had a short fuse… no patience. Whenever I’m not in the mood, I refuse to talk to you though when you’re moving. I still do love, but I don’t want you to hear mommy’s moody voice… or weeping. So I keep silent but placing my hand onto my belly so you can sense my hand and love.

Sigh. I’m really in an emotional condition.

Hope all the discomforts that I’m having now will be mitigated by the expectation that I will soon welcome you into home.

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