Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun Activity on Friday!

Today we had a fun activity in classroom. Since I taught Project Communication Management during lecture last Monday, instead of giving the students a whole set of questions for them to answer, we played Message Relay game. There were 6 groups and each group received the same message to be relayed.

The 1st sender needs to read the message as follows:

We called Bob S. at his residence at 1:39am, but there was no answer. We then tried Bob S. on his mobile phone within the same minute, but got no answer there either. We then paged Bob S. to call us, and waited five minutes for a response. When Bob S. failed to respond, we moved to calling a back-up person (John D.), and we finally reached John on his mobile phone at 1:46am.

So the message has been relayed from one person to another. The last person needs to write down the message on a paper and pass to me. The following are the messages that I read to the whole class:

Group 1:
13:39 call Bobby - he doesn't pick up
-Some minute we call again he doesn't pick up again
-Send him a msg, he doesn't reply
13:46 we reach John's Bobby's friend.

Group 2:
We call Bob on his reseident at 1.39
Bob is not answer
We call his mobile phone
Bob also don't answer
We page bob to call us back
Bob don't reply
We back up the message to Judy
then bob reply us at 1.46

Group 3:
Bob X was called at his resident at 1.39, he didn't pick
And was called again on his mobile and he did not pick
And he was paged and he did not respond
Then we switched to John at 1.49am and he answered his phone.

Group 4:
There was a guy called Bob, he was paged few times to come over. But he did not reply. After few minutes at 1:39pm they page him for the last time, he still didn't reply and come. Later, they page another person called John and he came at 1:46.

Group 5:
Call Borbas home at 1.39, he didn't pick up
call mobile, still didn't pick up
call james, to ask about Borbas, and wait 5 min for James, but did not reply
on 1.46 call Johndy, then he pick up, then we can talk to Borbas

Group 6:
John try to call bob. Bob didn't pick up and also using the mobile phone and didn't pickup. John ask bob friend to call john and he didn't pick up. And John ask another friend to call Bob at 1.40pm and he didn't pick up the phone.


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