Sunday, March 27, 2011

A trip to Bukit Tinggi

We stayed at Nora Lodge; the place is pleasant, the view is awesome!, food is fine - you can cook on your own, the rate is affordable, but to enter the place... ready to rock with... OFF-ROAD.
Memang best kalau anda drive Hilux, atau sekurang-kurangnya SUV. Huhu.

It was very sunny and the clouds were just beautiful. We looked up at the sky to admire its beauty... Peace.

What more interesting at Nora Lodge, they have such facility for kids. Event an adult can enjoy herself with the swing. Weeeee.....

Lazy chair for baby pun ada. Seronok Amir. He says 'I can do what baba does'

Emak dan mak cik boleh bergosip sambil main congkak.

Food provided by them can be as low as RM5 per person. Kalau kat resort can cost you RM25 per plate.

The Crony ~ Muahaha

 Very relaxing....

In the evening, we first went to Rabbit Park. Other than rabbits, ada spotted deer and donkey.

Next stop, kami ke Colmare Tropicale pulak.

Malamnya pulak, para kroni celebrate birthday Diana in advance...

We went to bed when clock was nearly 2am. Reason being? Kami berbincang cara-cara nak membangunkan negara.

Early morning view at Nora Lodge...

  Emak sibuk bergosip anak dibiarkan.. Thanks to Aunty Zente!

Let's enjoy before we go back!

Bye-bye Bukit Tinggi!

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Miss CJ on March 27, 2011 at 8:48 PM said...

aku xpenah tau ada tempat tinggal lain kt Bukit Tinggi ni. Ari tu mmg aku stay kt Colmare laaa.

Next time leh try tempat ni. Cmbest jek.

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