Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cloth Diaper Jeans

Few days ago I saw this picture..

I think...

  • Cute but maybe not worth the extra cash
  • Hilarious in a good way
  • Looks weird but hey still cute

Lunchtime I went to One Utama. When I passed by Guess Kids ~ I saw the weird-but-seriously-cute cloth diaper jeans (it's like tiny underware made from jeans). And it's currently on special offer, until 10th April.

I can't resist.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Potrait Session for my little family

I've been looking for a photographer to take picture of Amir while he's still a baby. I prefer dalam studio and ada some props. So most individual photographer, they offer outdoor photoshoot. So tadi, berjalan-jalan selepas membeli baju (Deena you were right, good reason to shop ;p ) I found one shop at One Utama, The Picture Company, provides photography services. Mata tertumpu pada some baby pictures on the wall.. so cute..

I like the concepts they have. Now let's talk about rate, this is how it goes.

RM80 - 45 minutes portrait session
RM78 - for each picture you want to print. The size is like A4 paper.

So tadi the manager, Inga Jawahir-Ratul told about the free portrait session, but if you nak print then RM78 for each picture. Meaning that RM80 waiver for photoshoot session. I was attracted.

Fikir-fikir balik if nak print say 5 pictures dah RM390 while there must be some others yang ada package lebih menarik. For example Rizal Rahman photography, sekarang ni ada promotion. Cuma yang ini bukan dalam studio.

Or anyone tau any photography service (in studio and ada props) yang ada attractive package/promotion for baby photoshoot? Care to share? :)

'Happy' Tuesday

Hari ni bangun awal dan keluar rumah lebih awal dari biasa.

Tapi sampai rumah babysitter macam biasa je.

Bertolak ke office dengan harapan dekat tol 50 sen Cheras tidak jem.

Jangkaan meleset sebab jem even before tol.

Lari ke jalan Bandar Tasik Selatan untuk masuk ke federal highway. Just before I turn to Desa Waterpark, DJ kat radio kata federal highway jem sebab ada accident kat simpang Kerinchi Link. Niceeeeee. Itu memang laluan saya tu. Saya memang nak masuk kat Kerinchi Link tu.

Maka buat keputusan masuk KL and enter Damansara from Lebuhraya Mahameru. In one scene I want to switch lane, dah tentu bagi signal, in fact kereta sebelah dah stop to allow me switch lane.. ada pulak motorcyclist yang tak puas hati and show me the middle finger.  A malay man with his wife. Saya tidak faham.

Manage to arrive office, tak begitu lambat (lebih awal dari some colleague who live nearby) then I realized..

baju terkoyak.

Kainnya dah rapuh lama tak pakai.

I have class at 11, shops will only open at 10.

"Series of unfortunate events"    ~Syuhada, author

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A trip to Bukit Tinggi

We stayed at Nora Lodge; the place is pleasant, the view is awesome!, food is fine - you can cook on your own, the rate is affordable, but to enter the place... ready to rock with... OFF-ROAD.
Memang best kalau anda drive Hilux, atau sekurang-kurangnya SUV. Huhu.

It was very sunny and the clouds were just beautiful. We looked up at the sky to admire its beauty... Peace.

What more interesting at Nora Lodge, they have such facility for kids. Event an adult can enjoy herself with the swing. Weeeee.....

Lazy chair for baby pun ada. Seronok Amir. He says 'I can do what baba does'

Emak dan mak cik boleh bergosip sambil main congkak.

Food provided by them can be as low as RM5 per person. Kalau kat resort can cost you RM25 per plate.

The Crony ~ Muahaha

 Very relaxing....

In the evening, we first went to Rabbit Park. Other than rabbits, ada spotted deer and donkey.

Next stop, kami ke Colmare Tropicale pulak.

Malamnya pulak, para kroni celebrate birthday Diana in advance...

We went to bed when clock was nearly 2am. Reason being? Kami berbincang cara-cara nak membangunkan negara.

Early morning view at Nora Lodge...

  Emak sibuk bergosip anak dibiarkan.. Thanks to Aunty Zente!

Let's enjoy before we go back!

Bye-bye Bukit Tinggi!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Treat


23 March 2011

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